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    Potassium Silicate

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    Potassium Silicate
    Potassium Silicate

     Potasyum Silikat Nedir?

     Potassium silicate is a chemical mostly used in agricultural operations. Since it contributes to bacteria in the agricultural sector, root development differs by 80 percent. In addition, when potassium silicate is applied directly on the plant, it provides protection from bad external factors. In this respect, it is possible to say that potassium silicate is a widely used chemical in agriculture. In addition, when used in the paint industry, long-lasting paints can be produced. In places where potassium silicate is applied, it provides protection for a long time in terms of both appearance and usage.

    Potassium Silicate is a compound that you can use in any area where you use sodium silicate. It is produced by reacting potassium hydroxide or potassium carbonate with silicon dioxide. Unlike sodium silicate, it can be used in many different areas because it has some superior properties. It is a liquid with a thick consistency and clear appearance. It can be mixed with water in any environment. It is a substance that irritates the skin in contact with the skin. In case of inhalation for too long and large amounts, you may encounter many dangers, so it is beneficial for your health to be careful when using and to use a respiratory protective mask in case of use. Unless necessary, contact should be avoided.

     What Are The Uses Of Potassium Silicate?

     In studies where silicon applications were carried out on steel, it was noticed that silicon made the paddy leaves upright and the dry weight of the plant increased. In addition, it was found that the plants to which ، potassium silicate was applied had a more vivid color. Due to the advantages that potassium silicate provides to plants, this color vividness in plants will last longer. The biggest reason for this color vividness is that the rate of using the sun increases in the temperature increases of 40-70 degrees, and the rate of photosynthesis will also increase. The rate of increase of photosynthesis has been calculated to be approximately 36 percent.

     One of the most important properties of potassium silicate is its ability to protect the plant against stress in biotic and abiotic environments. The mechanism that provides this feature is that silicon collects in the cell wall of the plant. Thanks to this gathering, the plant gets more protection against insects. As a result of the significant increase in photosynthesis, the dry weight of the plant also increases.

    Why is Potassium Silicate Used in the Industry?

    The contributions of industrial products to life are countless. Potassium silicate is just one. It is a thick, clear, chemical liquid formed by the interaction of potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide with silicon dioxide. It is used in industry, agriculture, construction and many more. It is also used as a supporting element in Ö products with its effective power. You can only set your preference and create your order by getting product information from the website. During working hours, you can get answers to all your questions by phone. The product you have ordered will be sent to your door as soon as possible with secure payment assurance.

      Where Is Potassium Silicate Used?

     Potassium silicate, a chemical industry product, is used in numerous fields depending on its functionality and fusing properties. It is used in soap and detergent production, textile, cement production, cardboard packaging production, pelletizing of animal feeds. It is widely used in briquette production, welding electron, antifreeze making, paint and decorative coating processes, agricultural work and soilless plant production.

     Detergent and soap industry, ceramic industry, textile industry, cement and building production, refractory material and casting production, pulp, paper production, cardboard and packaging production, Oil production drilling processes, Pelleting and briquette production, welding electrode production, Antifreeze production Ziraate and It is frequently preferred in soilless plant production, in paint production and protective and decorative coating processes, as anti-corrosion and in many areas such as waste water treatment.

    Potassium Silicate in Agriculture

    Potassium Silicate in Agriculture

    Potassium Silicate is generally used in agriculture. By contributing to the bacteria in the soil, it provides a lot of benefit to the development of the root of the plant. In addition, it protects the plant from negative external factors as a result of its direct application on the plant.

    Potassium silicate, which we use extensively in the agricultural sector, accumulates in the epidermal cells located at the bottom of the cuticle layer to protect the plant against biotic and abiotic stress, helping the plant to protect against insects thanks to the collection of silicon on the cell wall. Insects that want to damage the plant cannot harm the plant thanks to the silicon in the cuticle layer. In addition, it contributes to the increase of the dry weight of the plant in order to increase the rate of photosynthesis in plants. In order to increase the use of light by the plant leaves, the color of the plants where potassium silicate is applied becomes more vivid.

    Meyvede ve Tarımda Potasyum Silikat

     Kaynak Sektöründe Elektrot Üretiminde Potassium Silicate

    Yüksek kalite standartlarında elektrot üretiminde potasyum silikat kullanılmaktadır. Bu elektrot üretiminde kullanılan hammaddelerinden biridir.

    Elektrot Üretiminde Potasyum Silikat

     Potassium Silicate in Paint

     In the potassium silicate paint industry, it enables you to obtain paints with long life and high quality standards when used, and ensures that the appearance and properties of the paint are preserved for a long time.

    Potassium Silicate in Paint

    Potassium Silicate in Cleaning

     Potassium silicate, which is highly preferred in the cleaning sector, increases the quality of the cleaning material, especially in sink openers, lime removers, rust removers, oil removers Potassium silicate get more efficiency from cleaning products using potassium silicate and have long-term hygiene. Potassium silicate, which is included in your cleaning materials, is also environmentally friendly. Potassium silicate, which has a great place in agriculture and industry, appears in all areas of life. If you want to try it too and have a cleaner living space with potassium silicate.

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