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    Özkimsan chemistry to be

    An innovative company that has successfully supplied the sector in this field for many years.
    Customer Oriented and
    Sustainable Development.

    Özkimsan operates in logistics, chemistry and mining sectors which are rapidly developing in our country.

    Our company, which made its first investment in the logistics sector in the early nineties, started producing sodium silicate in its factory established in Bolu Organized Industrial Zone in 1994 after receiving the return of its investments in this field in a short time. Our company, which has successfully supplied the sector in this field for many years, started to produce potassium silicate in 2015 in line with its innovative and continuous growth policies.

    • Customer-oriented and sustainable development
    • Our company is in a very convenient location in terms of transportation.
    • Started potassium silicate production in 2015.


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    Özkimsan chemistry research and development


    The R&D unit, of which our experts are also a part, is constantly working to develop the OZKİMSAN brand in product research and applications in our laboratories and test areas. As a result of these studies, we are leading the development of the chemical industry by sharing the developed new formulations with our entire team.

    We lead the development of the chemical industry!
    Çevre Politikası-anasayfa
    Environmental policy Ozkimsan chemistry!
    Pollution Reduction and Energy Efficiency!

    Our environmental policy

    We use the appropriate technology to control and minimize the possible effects on the environment by predicting the protection of the environment, reducing pollution and ensuring energy efficiency. We aim to continuously improve environmental performance by following and adapting to customer requirements.

    Environmental Policy