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    What is Sodium Silicate?

    Sodium silicate is the general name for chemical compounds whose general formula is shown as Na₂ₙO. The most well-known member of the sodium silicate product is sodium meta silicate, the formula of which is Na₂SiO₃. Material names, also known as water glass, are suitable for use in water soluble or in a solid. What is Silicate? It has the largest area in the silicate mineral group ...

    Why Sodium Silicate Is Used In Industry?

    Sodium silicate, which is the raw material of silica gels, is a chemical compound with the formula Na2 (SiO2) N0. Sodium silicate is also known as water glass. It is also called glass water or water glass because it can dissolve in water. While some shapes dissolve poorly, some shapes are almost insoluble. The best solution for this is by wetting it with water under pressure ....

    Chemical and Detergent Properties of Silicates

    a) Silicates are stronger alkalis since their (Si O 2 / Na 2 O) ratio is low. For sodium silicates, this ratio can be changed by optionally adding sodium hydroxide. The pH value of silicate solutions is relatively high. For example, 2O metasilicate pH for 5H is 30 grams / liter solution 12.8. This alkalinity has the same advantages over organic soils as sodium carbonate.

    Advantages of Silicates in Cleaning Products

    Silicates are used in a wide variety of industries. The use of silicates in detergents is the most common use. Washing and cleaning products Large quantities of liquid silicates have been successfully used in the formulation of washing and cleaning products for many years. In this area, manufacturers can benefit from many features of these raw materials. Silicates act as a buffer, source of alkali and binders for the neutralization of metals responsible for water hardness. Same...

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