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    Advantages of Silicates in Cleaning Products

    Advantages of Silicates in Cleaning Products

    Silicates are used in a wide variety of industries. The most common use is the use of silicates in detergents.

     Washing and cleaning products

     Large quantities of liquid silicates have been used successfully in the formulation of washing and cleaning products for many years. In this area, manufacturers can benefit from many features of these raw materials. Silicates act as a buffer, source of alkali and binder for the neutralization of metals responsible for water hardness.

     At the same time, they help to reduce surface tension, dissolve stains, dispersion of dirt, oil and grease particles, and thus prevent their re-depositing on fibers or surfaces. Also, silicates are corrosion inhibitors for metal surfaces.

    Potassium silicate differs from sodium silicates in the following properties:

    They provide less stickiness

    Does not bloom.

    They show good solubility.

    They offer high temperature bonding properties

    However sodium silicate solutions are more economically attractive when specific properties such as flame color or no blooming are needed.

     Both aqueous potassium and sodium silicates,

    Completely inorganic (inorganic silica-polymer solution)


    VOC free


    Resistant to UV light, thermal and chemicals

    Non-toxicological (do not show allergenic or mutagenic potential);

    Food contact approved

    Does not contain preservatives

    Silicate solutions are sustainable products and are therefore at the forefront of many versatile applications.

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