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    Why Sodium Silicate Is Used In Industry?

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    Why Sodium Silicate Is Used In Industry?

    Sodium silicate, which is the raw material of silica gels, is a chemical compound with the formula Na2 (SiO2) N0. Sodium silicate is also known as water glass. It is also called glass water or water glass because it can dissolve in water. While some shapes dissolve poorly, some shapes are almost insoluble. The best solution for this is by wetting it with water under pressure.

     When sodium silicate is mixed with water, it acquires a liquid like syrup. It turns into a liquid structure with a thicker consistency than water. It is transparent, colorless, odorless, clear and viscous. Depending on the area of use, it may turn green or blue due to other chemical products mixed into it.

     Uses of Sodium Silicate

     Sodium silicate is used in detergent making, ceramic and pottery making, fireproof paper making, woodworking industry. In addition to these, it is also used in dyeing clothes, hardening of concretes and processing timber.

     One of the common uses of sodium silicate is in cleaning agents. Sodium silicate used in cleaning sodium silicate particularly effective as a rust solvent.

     It is also effective in cleaning all kinds of jewelry. It is mostly preferred as a cleaner in the jewelry sector because it does not damage the product while cleaning the dirt or rust on the product it is used.

     In addition to these, it can be used with peace of mind in areas such as plumbing, valves, chandeliers, doors. It is also effective in hardening concretes and having an acid-proof structure. Sodium silicate, which is also used in water purification, is also used as a pH regulator in the textile industry.

     Benefits of Sodium Silicate

     If there is sodium silicate in the content of cleaning agents used as rust remover, the efficiency of the product increases considerably. Rust removers, which contain sodium silicate, easily remove rust, oil and dirt on all kinds of metals. Since it does not harm metals while cleaning, its use provides serious benefits compared to other substances. While it cleans the oil, dirt, rust and oxidation on the metal used, it also protects the first day's brightness of the product.

     Since sodium silicate also increases the efficiency of soaps, it is also preferred in the production of powder laundry soaps. It provides an easy cleaning by preventing the sedimentation of dirt. Also, sodium silicate is a very strong ink solvent. Since it is more effective in the cleaning area, it is mostly used in the production of cleaning materials. The difference between the cleaning product containing sodium silicate and other products is too much to ignore.

     Problems That May Occur In Case of Direct Exposure to Sodium Silicata

    • Sodium silicate may cause skin irritation in case of direct exposure.
    • In case of contact with eyes, it may cause visual disturbance.
    • Sodium silicate can cause breathing problems if inhaled heavily.
    • If swallowed, it may cause disturbances in the digestive system.

     If sodium silicate causes skin irritation, the person should wash their hands with plenty of water. In case of inhalation of sodium silicate, one should immediately go to fresh air and breathe easily. If swallowed, the mouth should be rinsed with plenty of water. After the first intervention, if the complaints do not end, a doctor should be consulted.

     Sodium Silicate Storage

     Sodium silicate should be stored away from high temperatures and acidic materials. In addition, it should be stored in dry and cool places not in direct contact with sunlight.

     How Sodium Silicate Is Used As Rust Remover

     Rust removers containing sodium silicate provide an easier and more precise cleaning than other products. The product to be cleaned can be sprayed with the help of a spray bottle. After spraying, it is cleaned with clean water and rinsed with the help of a dry cloth.

     After a sufficient amount of product has been put into a container, The substance to be cleaned can also be used by dipping into this container. After dipping, rinsing with clear water and drying can be done after waiting for about 10 minutes.

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